Who we Are

We are Pongo, a restaurant that serves international cuisine made by international standards chefs using the best quality of ingredients.

The meals then are served by our efficient and sensible staff to our dear customers who are seated in our tropical yet modern themed interior. And when we are not serving our great platters we are brewing our special blends of coffee beans with a choice of complimentary pastries executed with profession and skill.

Our to-go packages are elegant and practical yet eco-friendly.

Our Specials

Pongo Prime Burger

Prime burger cut served in a brioche bun served with caramelized onions, caramelized red cabbage, Brie cheese, chipotle sauce and potato truffled sticks. (831 Cal)

Pongo Hive

Warm date cake covered with tahini and date molasses, topped with tahini cream, sesame streusel and honey tuile. (709 Cal)

Dark Chocolate Tart

Tart shell with sacher cake topped with dark chocolate mousse. (782 Cal)